About Joy and Feast

Hello, my name is Jake Swiss, Joy & Feast is my creative outlet to explore food. I primarily focus on writing about the contextual elements of a dish in order to come to a greater understanding of how, why, when, where, and what makes a dish. This is achieved by investigating the history, cultural influences, and science behind food.

Joy & Feast is a project of passion. Nothing is taboo, and the belief that anything related can make a great article, has spawned some fun and delicious recipes. I constantly draw on my experiences through traveling, reading, and most importantly the people I meet. My friends and acquaintances have enabled me valuable insights on various cultural practices across the globe, it is these important elements of culture that I wish to share. Food is a universal medium of communication.

Another reoccurring theme with Joy & Feast is a focus on sustainable agriculture. If upcoming generations are going to change the world for the better, we need to start in our own homes and how we treat each other and our environment. A mixture of conscious consumerism and acquiring food that comes from local and environmentally sustainable sources is a necessity for preservation, and the byproducts of seeking out sustainable & knowledgeably sourced meats and produce tend to produce more delicious results!

I want to encourage a dialogue on food that focuses on history, culture, science, and sustainable agrarian practices. Together we can all become more educated and help shape the world. If you are interested in communication or collaboration please contact me at joyandfeast@gmail.com.