Welcome to Joy and Feast!

Welcome to Joy and Feast! My name is Jake Swiss and I am obsessed with food. I find food from all over the world to be both fascinating and delicious. I have worked in the food industry for several years and have developed interesting recipes and learned fascinating techniques during my time spent in professional kitchens. I am always reading cookbooks and researching food throughout the food blog community. I've taken inspiration from brilliant chef's, but I also believe there is something special about the most humble yet perfect recipes.

My mission is to spread my knowledge and love for food. I think it is of the up most importance to share sustainable philosophies on food. These include using a whole carcass a.k.a. "Whole Buffalo" or "Snout to Tail"; Using fresh seasonal ingredients; and most importantly being educated on purchasing habits.  Using sustainable food methods can be applied to all foods and most dishes.

Food is a gateway into another culture. Everything from which spices are used to specialized cookware help tell a story about a unique place. I will use both common and exotic ingredients throughout my recipes, with a keen attention to sharing information on the exotic items. Whether you are a professional chef, a dedicated home cook, or just wanting to learn the basics, I am happy to share my recipes with you. Cheers ~ Jake

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please send me an email at joyandfeast@gmail.com


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