Louisiana Chicken Wings

Louisiana chicken wings

It’s no mystery that meat eaters love crispy wings. I love deep fried chicken, whether using a batter, breading, or just submerging the beautiful skin in fat. Crispy skin and tender chicken is one of my guiltiest pleasures. But why do people cherish the textural crisp and audial crunch on fried foods so much? “Crispness is one of the most important and desirable textural characteristics that signify freshness and high quality in breaded fried foods. Crispness appears to be the most versatile single textural characteristic in many foods.” (Antonova, Mallikarjunan, and Duncan)

Chicken wings can be an inexpensive food option. In my house, I buy whole chickens and break down the carcasses into different sections. I will not show you how I break down a chicken. I will let Chef John Placko demonstrate how to break down a chicken carcass. (Note: I personally use a small meat cleaver, but use whatever sharp knife you are comfortable with) After breaking down several chicken carcasses I always end up with a bag of wing pieces in the freezer. Utilizing this recipe is a perfect opportunity to clear out the freezer and transform one of the lesser-desired pieces of the chicken into an awesome snack or appetizer.

 I designed this recipe to use minimal ingredients. In fact, I specifically choose Louisiana hot sauce because it only contains three ingredients: cayenne pepper, white vinegar, and salt. The second purpose of this recipe is simply to demonstrate that understanding and properly executing simple techniques can create outstanding results. This is a no frills dish that is an absolute pleasure with each bite.
Cover in Louisiana hot sauce

Louisiana Chicken Wings

  • 1 bottle Louisiana brand hot sauce
  • 12 Chicken wings
  • Enough High heat oil to fill a heavy bottom pan 3-5 inches
Cooking Directions
  1. Let wings par-freeze 30 minutes before cooking.
  2. Drop wings in the fryer at 275F for 12-13 minutes
  3. Remove wings from oil, and quickly dry off with a paper towel, let rest for several minutes.
  4. Turn the heat on your fryer to high, when the oil temperature is 375F, fry wings for 5 minutes.
  5. Transfer wings to a cooling rack and remove oil with a paper towel.
  6. Place wings in a plastic container with a tight fitting lid, cover wings in Louisiana hot sauce and shake. Serve immediately.
Total Time: 1 hour

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Photo's by Jordan Henline


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